Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Pastors are appointed by a Bishop to local churches in the FMCUSA, they are not hired by the local church. The Bishop consults with a team of lay and clergy leaders that you elect annually to this role at Annual Conference.  That team is called the Ministerial Appointments Committee (MAC). A video describing the MAC process for a church and pastor in transition can be viewed on youtube.

The FMCUSA and NCC can be viewed as a large, complex organization with many sites engaged in fulfilling its mission. We do not view our churches as local silos but as part of a large connection engaged in large-scale blessing of the world with Christ’s good news.  Our MAC and Ministerial Education and Guidance Board systems are developed to provide the best possible screening, training and pairing of quality spiritual leadership with a congregation’s missional purpose and needs.

During this time of year, pastors and the local church delegates are asked to provide annual feedback to the MAC regarding their perceived health of pastoral fit. There are many tools we employ to gauge the health and vitality of a pastor/church fit annually. The annual MAC report is one such tool. Annual interviews with the superintendent, monthly reporting, monthly meetings with peers, coaching, church profiles developed by local church boards, tri-annual congregational review of church and pastoral effectiveness – and good old fashioned as-needed phone calls and visits are used as well. Your pastor, your board, your NCC MEG and MAC and YOU are constantly looking for ways to get it right. Pray for your pastor and delegate during this process. Pray for your church. Pray without ceasing!

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