Thursday, July 12, 2012


Ivan Timm announced his retirement at AC2012. Rev. Timm, who has served many distinguished years as a pastor in both the NCC and Pacific Northwest Conferences, will retire with his wife Donna to Washington State.  His last day of active service as Administrator for the NCC was June 30, 2012.  The Timm’s new address will be Warm Beach Senior Community, 20505 Marine Drive, Lot #48, Stanwood, WA 98292. Ivan’s email is

Alma Jasinksi and Ivan Timm at AC2012
We are pleased to announce that Alma Linda Jasinski has been appointed to serve as the new NCC Administrator.  She assumes her role effective Monday, July 9, 2012. Alma has most recently served as the Senior Pastor of the Wesley FMC in Waukegan, IL and also as church planter and pastor of the Aurora Free Methodist Church.  She has provided significant administrative oversight of the International Bible Institute, is an NCC coach and has served as a Lake County (IL) Court Translator.  Alma recently married Michael Jasinski of Zion, Illinois and the Jaskinski family will move into the Administrator’s residence and offices the second week of July, 2012. 

All NCC office contact information remains the same.  The NCC offices will be closed from July 1 – July 9 during this time of transition.   Supt. Adams is on a brief family vacation July 5-10. Please be patient with NCC calls, correspondence, emails, etc., during the first half of July. 

We are also introducing new web and mobile app products.  

The world is going mobile.  So must we!  The current NCC web site – – has provided a central source of information for NCC churches and beyond.  One of the first acts of Superintendent Adams upon election in 2008 was to create a single place to download critical forms, resource for growth and development, enter statistical information, stay connected with news, register for events and even vote on important items.  Increasingly, users are seeking to access the web site using mobile phones, and the current site is not designed for this. Indeed, being flash based, much of it cannot be seen on an iphone or ipad . . . yet.

The new web site launches on July 15 when you logon to you will note some significant changes.  The site will be cleaner, directly connected to social networking and mobile friendly across all platforms.  By August, we will announce our NCC mobile app for Android and Apple products.  Keep your eyes peeled and thumbs ready.

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