Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lent & Christlife

Christianity is a force in the world today because of the force which exploded the stone from the tomb of a crucified prophet 2000 years ago.  Jesus Christ died, rose from the dead and will come again. No greater proof of the identity of Jesus, the intervention of God in the affairs of  people, and the hope of eternal life can be offered than the resurrection of Jesus.  Proclaim this good news!

Free Methodists understand the significance of Easter, but what of Lent?

The 40 day season of fasting and self-denial which precedes Easter is part of the “Christian Calendar” or “Liturgical Calendar”. Beginning with Advent and Christmas and working through the year into Lent and Easter culminating in Pentecost, this way of reckoning time has a purpose.  The Christian calendar is designed to focus our hearts and minds on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, and to annually retell and relive the story of Messiah.  Lent is one way in which we seek to pattern our lives after the life of Jesus

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