Monday, April 12, 2010

Annual Conference 2010 - coming right up!!

Annual Conference Update

AC2010 is all about “MAKING CONTACT!”  Explore life-giving understanding of your community to more effectively “Bring Jesus” to the hearts of people.

AC2010 is June 11 & 12 @ Sky Lodge Camp in Montello, WI.  Registration forms have been mailed to every church, pastors are to communicate with their delegates and congregations regarding registration.  The mailing included registration forms but people may also register online either via or

Stay current on AC2010 events via the web page.  This is very important.  All church reports will be placed on the web, and not reproduced at the conference.  All reports from NCC boards and committees will be placed on the web for review PRIOR to the conference.

Ballots for the NCC Board of Administration, Ministerial Appointments Committee, and General Conference Delegates will be placed on the web at least two weeks prior to the conference for review so that delegates and pastors may make prayerful and well considered selection of leaders.

At least two unusual and very important decisions will be made at the Annual Conference.  1) General Conference delegates will be elected, which occurs only once every four years.  These delegates become your representatives to the ongoing work of listening the Word and the Spirit as God continually shapes the Free Methodist Church to impact and bless the world for Christ.   2) The Superintendent and Ministerial Education and Guidance Board are recommending a very significant MEG restructuring,  creating regional MEG boards to provide more direct oversight and guidance through the geographic expanse that is the NCC.  Documents providing detailed information will soon be available on the Annual Conference web page, so check often and pray daily!

The Agenda (still under formation) is posted online.

Breakout Training Session to help us MAKE CONTACT include:
Contact with Strangers – Olive Branch Mission
Contact with Children – Hannah Handle, Fillmore FMC
Contact with Elderly – Woodstock Christian Life Services
Contact with Community – Dr. Mark Davenport, Church Plant Director
Contact with Youth – Paul Alf and Monee FMC
Contact with Hispanics – Juan Cordova, Assistant Superintendent

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