Thursday, October 1, 2009

Life Long Learning and the NCC

School is back in session. Many churches are launching major initiatives to reach children through Sunday educational initiatives. Teaching Biblical truths is a core function of the great commission, “... and teach them to obey everything I have commanded you...” (Matthew 28:20).

Learning must be a way of life for all us! All of the time! The best educated pastors and church members must be on a quest for lifelong learning or we grow stagnant, dry up, and cease to be of value as salt and light in the world. Benjamin Titus Roberts said:

Years ago we said to the most solid genius we ever knew, “You ought to study more.” What shall I study?” he replied, like a know-it-all. For many years then the church needed his services the most, when his influence might have extended itself broadly, he hid from people and dried up. The ocean stays full by thousands of rivers flowing into it. The richest soil maintains its productiveness by absorbing fertility from the earth, water and air. The mind, even the one most richly endowed by nature, must take in new supplies of mental food, or it will gradually lose its grasp and power.

Many followers of Christ in the modern era believe they are too busy to read or attend seminars or stretch to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. Many preachers, whose profession involves helping people understand new and complex truths as they intersect with modern realities and daily life, believe they are too busy to read or attend seminars. Yet, it does not take long, as B.T. Roberts suggests, for even the best and brightest to dry up and lose energy and power if they are not filling up with new truths and deeper understanding on a regular basis.

The North Central Conference and Free Methodist Church works hard to invest in providing training and resourcing for pastors and congregations. The following are resources we provide to enrich, equip and train pastors and congregations. It is the sincere hope of NCC leadership that these opportunities to “study, to show yourself approved to God, a workman that needs not be ashamed” will help congregations grow increasingly healthy and pastors to increasingly become even more so “bold, apostolic leaders.”

Many of these excellent training events are coming up in September and October. Plan now to get re-energized and filled up with equipping that is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent and praiseworthy!

Monthly District LEAD Meetings for pastors.
NCC Coaching for all new pastors. (see
NCC self-select coaching for all pastors who desire growth.
NCC revitalization planning focused upon vision and NCD coaching.
NCC growth resources available on the web at
NCC International Bible Institute
NCC Apollos Model Ordination
NCC superintendent blog includes books worth reading.
NCC annual GROW event in each district (check calendar for yours!).
NCC Annual Conference.
NCC Coach Training.
NCC Quarterly Assistant Superintendent Training.
NCC Pastor’s Retreat
NCC camping always includes great equipping for everyone!
FMC Starting Strong pastor’s orientation.
FMC Church Growth Consulting network.
FMC Quarterly Superintendent Training.
FMC Reimagining Church Event with Bishops
(Spring Arbor, MI – Oct 23,24)
(Lawrence, KS – Oct 30, 31)
FMC Light and Life Magazine.
FMC web site (
. . . and so much more!

Denominational staff, conference staff, district leaders and each church provide a wealth of resources for learning and it is all accessible to you! Just ask. Be sure to check the conference calendar at to stay up-to-date on these and many other excellent events and opportunities. When you support the NCC, you support opportunities to better learn how to “plant and grow healthy congregations advanced by boldly apostolic leaders.” This how we are “working synergistically together!” Together – Christ in us – we are “bringing Jesus to the North Central United States.”

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